Proof-of-Work fairness, Proof-of-Stake efficiency

Welcome to the NADO website!

We believe that everyone deserves a fair share of continuous rewards, and that’s exactly what NADO offers. With our custom database system optimized for blockchain operations and our open architecture, NADO is designed to be ready to tackle the most demanding and changing requirements of today and the future.

Our HTTP API allows you to access all of the node interfaces directly from your browser, running on Tornado Web Server and utilizing asynchronicity where applicable. And with our shared blocks system, new blocks are generated by everyone at once, eliminating the need for a single node to create blocks for the entire network.

In addition, NADO’s abstract contracts allow users to store data according to their needs, enabling much more complex execution without forcing it on every user. Plus, with 10 years of blockchain development experience behind us, we’re confident in our ability to deliver a top-quality product.

But that’s not all – NADO is built on three guiding principles: inclusivity, accessibility, and innovation. Anyone with a public IP address can participate in permissionless mining, and users can join simply by running one application. Plus, our fully elastic emission protects users against inflation.

If you’re interested in joining the NADO community, be sure to check out our Discord and Github pages. We look forward to seeing you there!